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Audio Adrenaline & Kutless- Change a Life Tour

Friday, March 21, 2014
7:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts, 1028 Georgia Road Franklin, NC 28734

Event Details:

Five years ago, the band gathered in Hawaii along with their biggest fans for what theythought was their last performance. Since that emotional finale concert, foundingmembers Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss have tirelessly worked to raise awareness andsupport for the 100 orphans currently being cared for in Jacmel and Grand Goave, Haiti.Now, with additional new band members and a larger mission goal, there is no questionthe world is ready for the "new" Audio Adrenaline.Stuart and McGinniss are still very much a part of the re-formed band. McGinnisscontinues his role as the band's bassist while Stuart, although stepping down as leadvocalist due to his spasmodic dysphonia, causing involuntary muscle spasms of thelarynx, is very much a part of band decisions and writing on many of the songs for thenew album. Taking over lead vocals is former dcTalk member and industry mainstayKevin Max, while CCM vets Dwayne Larring (Sonicflood) is on guitar, and Jared Byers(Bleach) on drums."I've never been more excited about an Audio A record," shares Stuart. "We'vecollectively poured into each song for months, and I love every track. Being able to helpwrite and direct the process of putting the band back together has been an absolute joy. Ican't wait to see our fans sing along with Kevin on the AA classics and fall in love withthe new songs."As just released in Billboard, the brand new album is slated to release March 2013. Thefirst single, "Kings And Queens," will hit Christian radio in November. "It's just anincredible song about this idea of when we love the least of these, God wraps these littleorphans in his majesty and they can become kings and queens," Stuart says of the song."It gives you that idea that these are God's favorites, these little kids that have beenforgotten. There's going to be a special place in heaven one day because of what they'vebeen through here. It's just a triumphant, majestic song that just connects so deeply withHands & Feet and the message of Audio A right now."When the decision was made to re-launch the group, there was a lot of thought to whowould be the right selection to carry on the mantle of lead vocalist for Audio Adrenaline.When conversations were had with the band's new manager, Wes Campbell of FirstCompany Management, the idea was raised to talk to Kevin Max, a long-time friend ofthe band. Most of all, Max understands the passion for orphan care and Hands & Feetbecause he, just like many of the children at Hands & Feet Project, had been orphaned asa small child.McGinniss shares, "We have joined together under the new banner of Audio Adrenaline,yet the common thread that brings all of us together is for a much greater reason. We arebeyond excited to finally share why we are putting the band back together."

Location: Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts, 1028 Georgia Road Franklin, NC 28734

Website: http://www.greatmountainmusic.com/eventdetail.asp?t=i&m=3&d=21&y=2014&evt=1

Phone: 866-273-4615
Email: info@greatmountainmusic.com

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