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About The Dillard House

History of the Dillard House in the Georgia Mountains

Captain John Dillard

The First Dillard

In 1794 Captain John Dillard was awarded a land grant of 1000 acres in the valley for his service during the American Revolution. Legend says that Captain Dillard made peace with the local Cherokee Indians by trading a muzzle-loading rifle, a jug of apple brandy, one coonskin cap and $3 cash for all the land between the two mountain tops.

Carrie Dillard and familyHospitality and Family Tradition

Carrie and Arthur Dillard initially established the present-day Dillard House in 1917 in the Georgia mountains, when their first guest was a circuit-riding minister named Rev. Henry Byrd. Carrie Dillard was a woman of high values, strong work ethic and keen business sense. She was a wonderful cook, gifted gardener and very accommodating hostess. Every guest was treated like family, and Carrie taught that practice of hospitality to her children and grandchildren, alike. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of guests have enjoyed wonderfully prepared Southern style home-cooked meals at the Dillard House in the same family tradition as when Carrie first put up her jams and relishes. Now in its 92nd year, The Dillard House Inn and Restaurant have become famous throughout the area for its traditional home-style meals and authentic Southern hospitality - the unique result of our 200-year heritage.

Our Extended Family

CarraigeOnce a simple and modest mountain home of just 6 rooms, The Dillard House has grown into a modern hotel that can accommodate hundreds of guests at a time. With 92 guest rooms and suites, more than 28 cottages and chalets, a modern business center and all the standard amenities, we can provide comfortable and beautiful surroundings as well as exquisite hospitality and service for every guest we receive. In our history, we've enjoyed the company of famous folks, such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone and Walt Disney. Arnold Palmer and Larry Bird Johnson once took a break from their game to stay with us. Even politicians such as President Jimmy Carter, Senator Max Cleland, Mayor Maynard Jackson and Ambassador Andrew Young have all honored us with their visit here at The Dillard House. No matter who the patron may be, every visitor to The Dillard House is more than a guest - they're part of our extended family.

making fruitcakeNature Provides to Us What We Provide to Our Guests

Just as the Dillards of a century past, today's Dillards share a balanced connection to the land - and it shows in our excellent Southern cooking. Because our culinary practices rely on the freshness and true tastes of the foods we prepare, the dishes we serve at The Dillard House are considered to be some of the most honest cooking you'll experience. Every meal is prepared with affection and is an expression of hospitality to friends and family. And because our food is simple, open and wholesome, it is a daily testament to our love and respect for the land.

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