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The Dillard House

Our Little Nook in the Hills

Nestled on a plateau in the picturesque Little Tennessee River Valley of North Georgia, The Dillard House boasts a breathtaking view of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. Known as the oldest mountains in North America, Blue Ridge gets its name from the enchanting blue-gray fog that wisps through the hills, sometimes obscuring the sun. Guests of The Dillard House can enjoy this natural spectacle from the front porch and, depending on the season and available light, will witness colors of blue, gray, purple or silver. No matter the time of year, it truly is a memorable vision.

The Beauty of the Seasons

Beauty abounds at The Dillard House. Our newly renovated guestrooms, charming suites and cottages, and secluded mountainside chalets are surrounded with nature's splendor and fragrance throughout the year. No matter the season, nature provides a backdrop of brilliant color. In spring you'll enjoy strolling through our acres of gardens in full bloom with tulips, rhododendron and mountain laurel. Summer brings a brilliant floral display including impatiens, geraniums, dahlia, roses, hydrangea and salvia-and the wildflowers bloom throughout all the seasons.

Autumn in the North Georgia Mountains is breathtaking. You'll be in awe at the colorful brilliance of the changing leaves. Endless views of reds, yellows, oranges and browns will leave you wide-eyed with bewilderment.

Wintertime at The Dillard House offers a more serene and tranquil view of the mountains. Without the obstruction of the leaves, you'll be amazed at the beauty of snow-covered valleys and hills. Although our winters are normally mild, it is not uncommon to receive a gentle blanket of snow several times throughout the season. No matter what time of year you choose to visit us, you will experience the same natural beauty cherished so closely by The Dillard House.

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